Business Process Innovations (BPI) partners with your business, institution or government entity to help drive your strategic vision throughout the organization. Whether you want to reduce cost through process efficiency, drive revenue growth with market-place innovation or develop a mindset for continuous improvement, BPI can enable your success. From the largest program to the tiniest detail, we strive to bring the highest level of professionalism for the benefit of our client.



Our mission is to enable clients to meet business objectives through relentless pursuit of process excellence. “Excellence is not an act but a habit.” We excel in helping our clients isolate where their critical issues are, what it will take to fix them and help them create a road-map that will assure effective execution and long term sustainability. Ninety percent of business strategies fail due to poor execution. We are passionate about understanding the key business processes our clients use to execute their business strategies and how capable they are in measuring if those processes are functioning as designed. The key is to help our clients define “The Job-To-Be-Done.” We then work with our clients to make "The complex simple and the simple compelling."



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We believe integrity is everything. Our decisions are based on a long term view of what is in the best interest of our client, our people and our firm - in that order. We take great pride in developing and deploying problem solving tools and methods to deliver business results; and create a conduit to transfer knowledge to our clients so that they can become self-sufficient. That is our key measure of success.



As the world becomes more integrated and commerce is exceedingly global, the need to balance speed, quality and cost is becoming a strategic imperative. BPI offers an expert unbiased point of view to enable senior leaders to deliver enhanced profitability and lasting shareholder value. We utilize a process-based approach to help companies address their most pressing business problems. Our approach incorporates seven distinct phases:

- Understand amorphous, complex and chaotic business problems
- Frame the issues in a comprehensive and structured fashion (Job-To-Be-Done)
- Ensure alignment of strategic objectives with improvement activities
- Leverage insights by coupling comprehensive process diagnostics with industry research and best practices
- Develop solutions that optimize stakeholder satisfaction
- Drive implementation of recommendations to ensure sustained business results
- Transfer knowledge to assure sustainability